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Haul Out Facilities

Whitianga Marina operates a 35 ton travel lift, max width 5m.

Local Boat Repair companies and painters

15 cradles

Experienced staff who will take the best possible care of you and your boat.

We provide single and double sling lifts and spreader bars if required.

Your boat will be handled with great care by a professional team.

We lift it, wash it off using our high pressure water blast facility and then we will cradle it for you ready to work on.

Power and water are free and easily accessible from all 15 sites.

Our friendly staff will point you in the right direction of the trades people you need to contact.

Things to note:

Travel lift bookings require a minimum of 24 hours notice.

Vessels stored at owners risk.

No responsibility accepted for damage to underwater appendages or shafts whilst boat being lifted.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

An after hours fee of $200.00 NZD will apply.

Payment is required before the boat is returned to the water.

NZD & GST Inclusive

Lift and Hold for first hour $9.20 p/m
Additional cost thereafter $100.00 p/hour
Haulout & Relaunch $20 p/m
Spreader Bars $100
Double Slings $80.50
Additional Lift $9.20 p/m
Daily Cradle Rate 1 Jan—31 Aug
Up to 60 days $3.00 p/m
Over 60 days $3.45 p/m
Daily Cradle Rate 1 Sept—31 Dec
Up to 30 days $3.00 p/m
Over 30 days $6.00 p/m
Waterblasting $4.60 p/m
Waterblasting Labour $115 p/hour
Shed Hire (Incl cradle) $110 p/day
Scaffold Hire $40 p/day

Payment is required before the boat is returned to the water.
“No cash—No splash”

Bookings are essential. (At least 24 hrs notice) Please contact the office.

NOTE: Depth of Entrance 1.6m – if you have a deep draft please enter 2 hours after low tide.


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